The Internet - With Elder of the Internets Hand
The InternetAn Elder of The Internet - Holding The Internet - Origional Image by Arian Zwege
Secret film from Tasmanian Lab
The Internet - Video
Moss introduces Jen to a new concept in business technology: The Internet.
The Internet - IT Crowd

The Internet

This is the internet
  • The whole internet?
  • But it's so small!
  • And of course, it's wireless!
  •

Inspired by the classic IT Crowd episode where Moss introduces Jen to a new concept in business technology - The Internet.

The internet is now available for you to purchase right now, one payment only and you'll have the whole internet for the rest of your life.

Don't worry about it's size, that's one of the most surprising things about the Internet. It is wireless, so no matter where you are, everyone in the world will be able to go online!

The Internet has been approved by the elders of the internet to be based permanently at your house. It may vary slightly in size due to different Internet zones that it is shipped to.

The internet does not come in any fancy packaging, it doesn't need to, it's the internet!

Please note: The internet is a black box with a red flashing light on the top and has been hand made in a secret laboratory in Tasmania.


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